Zoning and Ordinances

The Zoning Official for Loganville Borough is Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. - Zoning Officer - 717-846-2004 attn Pete Schilling.   Applications for Zoning Permits and Building Permits are available below and are also processed through Code Administrators.

Zoning Permits:  A zoning permit is required for the placement or construction of all structures except  fences and temporary signs.  Detached accessory structures under 1,000 square feet for single family  homes and decks less than 30 inches high off the ground for any home only need zoning permits. 

Building Permits:  Improvements like house additions, attached garages, pools and hot tubs 2 feet deep and deeper, decks that are 30 inches or more high off the ground, new or upgraded electric service, and remodeling that includes any wall, beam, window opening, or door opening structural changes require Building Permits.  Building Permits pertain to construction codes and are issued and administered by Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. - Zoning Officer - 717-846-2004 attn Pete Schilling


Building Code Official and Construction Code Official:  Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. - Zoning Officer - 717-846-2004 attn Pete Schilling, conducts building plan reviews and inspections for Building Permits on behalf of Loganville Borough.  Building Permit fees vary based on the size and type of improvement and the inspections required.

Ordinances you need to know about are as follows. For MORE information or copies of these ordinances, please contact the borough office today at (717) 428-3938.

Forms& Documents (PDF) (click to download) :

Loganville Zoning Map

Loganville Zoning Ordinance

Loganville Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Stormwater Management Ordinance

1974-53 : Regulating Abandoned or Junked Vehicles

1996-1 : Restricting Outdoor Fires within the Borough

1981-2 : Curfew

2006-2, updated 2009-1 : Grass and Weeds Excessive Height

2007-1 : Limited to Skateboards, Roller Blades, Kick Scooters and Motorized Scooters

2008-3 : Parking on Sidewalks

2010-1 : Parking During Declared Snow Emergencies

2013-1 : Defining Nuisances

2014-1 : Removing Snow and Ice from Sidewalks

2018-1 : Street Work

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